Camping at Cedar Springs, Part I

We took off last Friday and went camping last weekend. I realized once we got to the camp site that I hadn’t been camping in over a year. It seems like we used to go a half a dozen times each summer, but I don’t think I went at all last year! That probably explains why I was sooooooo happy to be outside! Breathing fresh air! In the sun!

I also went a little snap-happy with my iPhone (left my real cameras at home this time). I took so many photos I’m going to divide them into two posts – tomorrow I’ll post photos of our spelunking adventures!

IMG_0140 by you.

Fog over Chinook Pass

Our campsite by you.

Campsite - We ended up not needing that humongous tarp, but it was really nice to have in case it rained!

Still life by you.

Camping still life (it's become a tradition).

I was worried we didn't have all the letters. by you.

I wanted to make sure we had all the letters - turned out we we're missing a "V."

Bumping Lake by you.

Bumping Lake

I have become my mother, taking all these scenic photos with my iPhone. by you.

Bumping River

Is he handy or what?! by you.

Action shot! T MacGuyvering a beer bottle open w/ his pocket knife!

T next to the biggest anthill EVER. by you.

Highlight of the trip? Seeing the BIGGEST ANTHILL EVER.




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3 Responses to Camping at Cedar Springs, Part I

  1. Aunt Marlene says:

    1. You took those pics with an iPhone? OMG, I’ve got to get me one.
    2. Love, love, love that flower vase!
    3. How could you be missing the “V”? The most important letter of the alphabet. (your first name, my last name)
    4. Tim gets better looking every day. Cute, cute, cute.

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. michelle says:

    Blue tarp camping! Classic. Glad you didn’t need it. Love the Rainier vase! Are you sure you’re not from here?

  3. well i’m glad you had fun. but i hate camping with a burning passion. burning, i tell you.

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