Camping at Cedar Springs, Part II

As promised, here are photos of our spelunking adventures! (Granted the whole trek only took about 5 minutes, but it was still fun to check out and the hike out to the cave was lovely.)

T at entrance to cave by you.

OK so here we are at the entrance. This part was actually impressive. It was HUGE!

In cave, looking out by you.

Now we're in the cave, looking out.

River in cave (trash included for scale) by you.

Here's a shot of the river rushing through the cave, which I think helped form it? (I included the trash on the left for scale.)

Me in cave by you.

Right about now I decide it's a good time to turn on my head lamp. It's about to get DARK.

It was DARK. by you.


T exiting cave by you.

But after a mild panic attack, we were finally at the exit.

Me at cave exit. by you.

Just outside the cave - no worse for the wear. (Will someone please schedule a haircut for me? Please?!)

Cave exit by you.

One last look at the end of the cave.

Aaaaaaaand there you have it! That’s Boulder Cave!

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One Response to Camping at Cedar Springs, Part II

  1. Awesome! I was there last summer on a 100* day. It was great.

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