(Not really.)

We took our little boat out on the (big!) lake yesterday with hilariously disastrous results. It was the first time we’d taken it out (T has been fixing on it for years now) so this was more of a water test, to see if it would even float. We get it in the water and T starts the motor (which takes 2-cycle (!!! like a lawnmower!)) and it immediately starts coughing blue smoke. “Um, is that normal?” “Yah, it’s fine, don’t worry about it.” Then we’re out on the water for like 20 minutes and it starts tooootally smoking. So we turn back to the boat ramp and there are all these people unloading their boats into the water. So we circle and circle and circle and I’m starting to pester T about being more AGGRESSIVE and then finally the motor just totally dies. So T has to ROW US TO LAND using some oars he thankfully (!!!) put in the boat before we left. Then some homeless guy runs out on the dock and yells “Throw me your bow line!” and tows us in. Then when T was lifting the motor up onto the boat, the strap totally broke! So, again, the homeless guy (his words, btw, not mine!) totally saved us by helping T to heft the thing up so we could tow it up the boat ramp. Yowza. We are cursed with boats, I tell you.

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2 Responses to BOATING!!!!

  1. heh.

    sorry, i’m sure it was frustrating at the time! but it’s pretty amusing to read about!

  2. Aunt Marlene says:


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