I am totally obsessed with sewing. I made this (rather ill fitting) little dress last weekend (which knew I had to make immediately after seeing Carrieoke’s version on Flickr), and despite its flaws, I love it so. It’s just so… summery!

First, the good points:

– The fabric was cheap! I got it for $6.50/yd on Etsy (it’s Tina Givens). I know I shouldn’t love something because of its price (a lesson I have learned the hard way after my years of shopping at thrift stores) but it was nice to be able to experiment with cheap fabric that is still kind of cute.

Done! by you.

– The length is perfect. At first I wasn’t so sure about having a tea-length dress, but now I love it.

Livin' the High Life(TM) by you.

– It has poooooooockets!!! I was so! intimidated! by the pockets when I first saw the pattern and had considered omitting them completely, but I decided to face the challenge head on and – once again, they were way easier than I had thought they’d be. But! The pockets also weigh down the dress a bit, which brings me to the bad points….

It has pooooooooooooockets! by you.

– It keeps slipping! I’ve been told I can fix this by adding some spaghetti straps, and while I was originally against that, I’m starting to think those are the only things that will make this thing wearable!

– And also? It’s HUGE (which is admittedly the style of the dress) but the back is sooooooo unflattering. I have some ideas on how to bring this in, and again, the fabric was pretty cheap so I can afford to mess around with it, but I was really hoping this wouldn’t look like a mumu on me. And it kind of does.

WTF?!?!?!?! by you.

But like I said, despite all this flaws, I’m still wearing it! And I even plan to make another one, which will hopefully fit a bit better next time.

Oh, and regarding the pattern, I totally forgot to mention it’s Heather Ross’s Mendocino Summer Dress, which is available for free on her web site. If you’re a newbie sewer, I definitely suggest you watch the video of Heather Ross making the little-girl version of this dress on the Martha Stewart show, AND check out Carolyn’s comments on this pattern on her Flickr page. I completely agree w/ her assessment!

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2 Responses to Summery

  1. Dana M. says:

    Ooo…I think it’s really sweet! I’ve been desiring a sewing machine for about a year now and this is certainly encouraging me…

  2. Nora says:

    You look stunning! Beautiful work…

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