Road shrimp!

(Before I go any further, please know that the title of this post won’t make any sense until you see the “Road Trip” clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Good Job. It is sporadically available on the internet. Go watch it. Now.)

T and I took advantage of having last week off together to go on a little road trip of Oregon. It didn’t exactly work out as planned, but we made the best of it. Here are a few highlights.

Day 1. We stayed at the Oregon Caves Chateau. I’d been wanting to check this place for years. Years. YEARS. I saw a piece about it on PBS before I even moved out to Seattle I think. I mentioned it to T when I first met him and he remembered more about it than me! When we realized it was the Chateau at the Oregon Caves, we booked a room and included it on our road trip! (Road shrimp!)

Oregon Caves Chateau by you.

Oregon Caves Chateau

Day 2. The Chateau is located right next to the Oregon caves. The cave (caves?) is (are?) amazingly complex, long, windy, and so incredibly cool. I would highly highly recommend checking it out. I took some photos, but NONE of them do it justice. It’s so HUGE inside.

Paradise Lost by you.

My favorite room - Paradise Lost

That night we “camped” at an RV park. Awesome.

Could they have put us aaaaaany farther away from everone else?!?! by you.

They put us ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way at the end.

Day 3. After checking out 5 different campgrounds, we ended up going back to the first one we checked out. And by then the campsite we had wanted was taken. So we set up camp at the next best one. A couple hours later, we toured the campsite and discovered the one we’d wanted was now available. So we packed up and moved.

Moving camp by you.

Yes we bring an air mattress camping. Got a problem with that?!

Moving camp by you.
We moved the tent too.

Day 4. We slept.

Day 5. We checked out Crater Lake. Stunningly beautiful. Crystal blue water. Serene surroundings. But I was hot and tired, so I didn’t take too many photos.

View from the Crater Lake lodge by you.

The view from the Lodge. (Which we didn't stay in.)

Kissy kissy by you.

Kissy kissy

Day 6. Leaving camp. Did I mention it was buggy???

Too sweet for Deet by you.

Too sweet for Deet

We also checked out the Lava River Cave (we are all about caves lately!!!), which is the longest known uncollapsed lava tube in the world. And when I say long, I mean looooooooong. It was a mile long. And completely pitch black.

The cave was sooooo dark by you.

They had lanterns available for rent for $4 at the entrance. I’m actually surprised they didn’t charge more. Because you NEEDED one in the cave.

V in Lava Cave by you.

We then checked into our second and last hotel, St Francis School in Bend, OR. I cannot rave about this place enough! They have a microbrewery, pool hall, whiskey bar, soaking tubs, movie theatre, and COFFEE ROASTERY on site. And delivery fresh grounds to you every morning. I am daydreaming about opening my own someday…

Fresh grounds from the McMenamin's roastery! by you.

Day 7 (last day). We putzed around the Mt Bachelor area for a bit before heading back to the hotel for beers and 4th of July fireworks. I think both of us were a little road weary at this point.

*clink* Tailgaiting in the parking lot of Mt Bachelor (because they cancelled chair lift service due to weather). by you.


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  1. mike says:

    if you like pina colada!

  2. i hope you are not claiming those are “beers” in that last picture!! 🙂

  3. mike says:


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