Thank you, Gramma!

Dear Gramma,
Thank you soooooo much for the scissors! I love them. They’re beautiful. I will treat them with care, as they have been so obviously cared for. It means so much to me that you have given them to me. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Love you,

p.s. I’ll be sending a real thank-you card in the mail when I get back into town next week!

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3 Responses to Thank you, Gramma!

  1. michelle says:

    Nice. 🙂 I have my grandma’s Ginghers. Unfortunately, I got them when she passed. She was a quilter, so there are lots & lots of miles in those scissors.

  2. Gramma says:

    I’ve been thinking of you and I know you will enjoy these as much as I did, as Marlene gave them to me. A lot of love goes with them. Gramma

  3. Janet says:

    How awesome that you were gifted with these – what a treasure!

    It’s so sweet to read the comment from your Gramma too — lots of love in your family!

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