See, this is how it usually goes

I want to contrast the last sweater I knit with the one I’m currently working on to give you a sense of what sweater knitting is USUALLY like for me. It usually involves a bunch of fits and starts, second-guessing myself, wishing I had gone with my gut instincts, and ultimately…. a lot of frogging.

I received the yarn for Ingenue (which, by the way, I recently found out is pronounced Ahn-Zhen-Ooo, not In-Jen-Ooo… oops!) last Friday and immediately ran into a snag.

See that skein on the right? See how YELLOW it is compared to the others? No? Well, trust me, it is. I decided to split up that skein and use it for the collar and cuffs, because I figured the ridge pattern might disguise the color variations a bit?

I don’t know if it helped. The ridges are basically striped – alternating yellow and brown.

(I emailed the yarn store and asked if they had any more skeins that were more consistently brown and they actually replied saying that they do try to group skeins of like coloring for shipments, so basically I got the best-matched skeins already. Harrumph.)

So at this point I knit on, thinking no one would probably notice the ridge sections when looking at the sweater as a whole.

And things were going well until I got to the bust darts. I didn’t realize at the time that my row gauge was horribly, horribly off, so my decreases ended up RIGHT ACROSS my chest. Which is not very flattering. I’d never done bust darts before, so I actually thought this is where they were placed? (That large arrow is also pointing to the huge swath of brown pooling that I was trying to ignore.)

It wasn’t until I reached the bottom ridge section that I realized I had to rip out the body and just start over on this one. There was just too much going wrong, and nothing going right.

Last night I ripped to the underarm and after an evening of non-stop knitting (and a very close game of Scrabble), I’m back to where I was just a few days ago. Here’s hoping everything else falls into place.

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4 Responses to See, this is how it usually goes

  1. Rebecca says:

    Seriously the sweater is looking good! I’m happy that you frogged and started the bottom over again. But two things 1) that yarn does not look more yellow than the others (at least to me). I did an informal poll in the house with the graphic designer who said they look identical. 2) Can not see the difference on the skein change in the arrow photos. The sweater looks great!

    Oh and 3) You are an amazing knitter because you take out the sucky parts and re-do them until they are just right. I need to do that more often. I think I’d be happier with more of my projects if I did that. Instead I like to throw them in a corner and start new things.

  2. Emilee says:

    I love the color and can’t wait to see how it comes out. Good call ripping it out to get a sweater you’re happy with!

  3. Terri says:

    You totally need this pattern/booklet

    I have seen dozens of sweaters made using these instructions. The best 10 knitting dollars you will ever spend. Ever. Go. Buy.

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