We move in 4 days!

Well, 3 days if you count the fact that we’ll get our keys on Thursday and 2 days if you consider today basically over. Which I don’t. Because the night is not over yet. 🙂

Friday cannot come fast enough. Seriously. We packed up a bunch of stuff and put it in a storage unit two months ago because we weren’t sure if we were going to have to downsize to an apartment until we found a house and then we started packing up boxes in earnest about three weeks ago and I cannot WAIT to be able to access my stuff again!

Tonight I wanted to make these biscuits (the only biscuits I’ll ever make, really) to go with dinner and I realized I’d already packed up the cream of tartar. It was in one of these boxes.

Luckily I was able to find it rather quickly, but then I realized I’d ALSO packed up the shortening. Which was impossible to find. (Turns out butter works also.)

I am really trying to be POSITIVE and not complain so damn much because, hey, we’re moving! But man I have  hit a WALL and waiting these last four more days is really going to try my patience.

But on a different note… I bought some new hair products the other day (I think my hair built up a resistance to the Suave conditioner and Herbal Essences mousse I’d been using for the past 6 months!) and ohhhhh my god did it respond nicely. I snapped a little pic in the bathroom last night (after a very unusual encounter at our local bar).

(T said that my striped-shirt-and-fair-isle-sweater combo was kind of whacky (and that I had heretofore lost my right to criticize any of his outfits) but I liked it! And no, I did not knit that sweater, but SOMEDAY I will not knit its twin. I wear it all. the. time.)

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3 Responses to We move in 4 days!

  1. Aunt Marlene says:

    On Friday you’ll be in your new place?!? That’s great! You’re going to be very busy the next few days, both before and after the move.

    Love the hair.

    And love, love, love the striped sleeved shirt under that sweater. I think you did good, looks like it’s supposed to be that way1

  2. lynnewio says:

    Dude, moving blows. I moved at the end of September and…yeah. Blah.

    And I really like that shirt/sweater combination. I might feel differently if they were really different colors, but I think the fact that they’re so similar makes it look pretty purposeful.

  3. Aleen says:

    I hope moving on Friday doesn’t mean you can’t make it to Arnie’s on Thursday! Moving used to give me nightmares that all included something like thinking everything was packed and then seeing a poster on the wall. But I haven’t moved in almost 20 years and now I wish I could because of the weeding out of clutter. You look great and I hope to see you at Knit nigh

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