FO: Sundress and Tubey hat

I knitted up this little set for our realtor, who is 7 months pregnant (and has a 16yo already). She was sassy and funny and straight-up great to work with, so I was really excited to knit a gift for her little one. I splurged on some Spud & Chloe yarn (from the Fiber Gallery, natch) and it did NOT disappoint. It’s 50% organic cotton, 50% wool and I thought it was just lovely to work with. Very cushy, springy, and the color was AMAZING. So bright! and! pink! Just what I wanted. (I hate hate hate pastels.)

I grabbed two skeins because I wasn’t sure how much yardage the Little Girls Sundress would need and then made the little Tubey hat with the leftover yarn. Looking back, I probably should have made this Little Sister’s dress instead, so it would look more like a matching “set,” but oh well.

I really love this dress because it’s so simple and can be worn alone or layered over a shirt and tights. And when the recipient gets a little older, she can wear it like a tunic (as my friend’s daughter below, is modeling).

Oooh! And! We get our keys for the new house today. Our realtor actually emailed us yesterday and said the keys will be hidden under a rock in the front yard somewhere. Kind of anti-climactic, but what can you do.

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