We went to Yosemite with my mom and her husband recently. Apparently April and May is THE TIME to go to Yosemite because the waterfalls are still gushing – hard. We had checked the weather the week prior and it was in the 30s (eek!) so we all packed fleece and long johns and winter parkas, but we got there and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! And warm. Too warm, actually. At one point I actually considered buying some shorts and sandals, but we weren’t there for that long, and once the sun went down it did get chilly. (There was still snow on the ground in some places, so we couldn’t do as much hiking as we had wanted.) T and I actually lucked out because THE DAY WE LEFT a huge storm rolled in and the rest of the week was rainy, snowy, foggy, and just miserable sounding. 😦 But at least we had a few days of paradise to enjoy together.

The view from Tunnel View

We are so very small

Can you see T??? He looks so teeny!

SO freakin' prehistoric

This photo cracks me up - I was trying to see the mountain climber that everyone was looking at.

Waterfall mist

I actually have no idea what this waterfall is. There were so many I eventually lost track.

I was digging this bark - it looks like a bunch of little puzzle pieces

There are more photos in my Flickr set.

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