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I am living a Dilbert cartoon

Yesterday I scheduled a meeting to discuss metrics for an upcoming project. I then found this Dilbert cartoon and sent it out to 2 friends who I’d invited to the meeting. Actually, the one guy’s calendar showed that he would … Continue reading

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Does it have subtitles?

All week I’d been feeling like going on a “date,” so I planned a simple dinner & a movie for last night. We were going to have dinner at this little supperclub T had been wanting to try and then … Continue reading

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Manic Monday

I’m flying down to So-Cal today for work today and so I packed last night, but I really, really hate packing, so I wasn’t really packing so much as doing everything I could to avoid it, and then finally after … Continue reading

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The Buddha Bouncer

On Saturday night we met our friend Bryan and one of his friends out for drinks (before The Long Winters show) and they left it up to me to pick the place. So I picked Shorty’s, a dive bar with … Continue reading

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We went to The Coast for the weekend and OMG did I ever need that. Although I still WOKE UP FROM A COMPLETE SLEEP on Sunday morning freaking out about a work-related issue (yah, I handle stress real well), the … Continue reading

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the other day my friend Mark forwarded me an ad from craigslist for some microsoft usability study. basically they were looking for people who blogged and subscribed to RSS feeds. and since i recently started doing both (!!!), i was … Continue reading

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Aloha from Hawaii!

T and I went to Hawaii for a week in December and this was the first pic we took. Here’s the story behind the smile on our faces (besides the fact that we’re in Hawaii!)… Our flight was delayed 8 … Continue reading

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