I started making cards (specifically, Christmas cards) in October 2013 and continued to make them all through 2014. But my favorite to make and send are still Christmas cards. I was a crazy person this year and made 40+ different designs. I’m hoping next year I’ll just choose a few of my favorites and make a bunch of those. Hopefully. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites from this year…


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My good friend was recently pregnant and due around Memorial Day weekend. I was originally planning on giving her her baby gift in person when I was back home visiting this summer, but at the last minute I changed my mind and thought it would be nice if the bear was at home in the crib, waiting for the little one when (s)he arrived home from the hospital. I ran over the post office just before it closed on Saturday and arranged for it to be delivered today.

(I have since re-stitched the eyes...)

My friend was due on Sunday, but I was sure she’d go late since it was her first child! But I was wrong. Apparently she texted me a photo of the baby on Sunday morning but since I have a first-generation iPhone, I’m unable to send or receive picture texts, and so I was totally oblivious of what was going on (!!!!) until I got a voicemail message from her Monday night giving me the good news. She promised to call back today so we could talk in person and just after she called me this morning, her doorbell rang. I thought maybe it was neighbors or friends stopping by to see the baby, but it was the post office delivering my gift! She opened it on the phone and really gushed over and appreciated my handiwork. Aw. I was so, so happy that she was able to open it with me on the phone, and the serendipity of it all reminded me of the time when I moved away from the midwest in 2001 and we hugged right before I got in my car to leave (she’s not a hugger). I was feeling a little verklempt, but I managed to keep it together until I got in my car, turned the key, and James Taylor’s “You’ve got a Friend” came on the radio. And I became a soggy mess. I’ll now always think of her when I hear that song. And now, I have a new little friend too. 🙂 Welcome to the world, Ada Jane!

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I’ve been doing some volunteer work at Pasado’s Safe Haven for the past couple of months, and when I was there last Friday, this little kitten had just been turned in by someone who found her alone on the side of the road. She’s only 4 weeks old and is cuter than I can stand. I applied to adopt her right away and was able to bring her home yesterday.

She’s super playful and curious and loving, but I’m hoping that Trixie will come out from hiding soon and start showing her some of the ropes. She’s so young that I don’t want her to miss out on any important “life lessons” that mama kitty would have imparted to her.

She seems to be doing well for now, though!

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Hi hi hi!

Ohai. I’m blogging again. A LOT. I hope it’s not obnoxious. I’m just trying out a routine that might work a little better for me… Bear with me!

Anyway! I wanted to post a quick update of my “majorly modified Mary Jane” because I was describing all the mods to a friend and she remarked, “Um, it sounds like you’re knitting an entirely different sweater.” And I kind of am. I’m tracking all the changes on my Ravelry project page, but really, I’m SIMPLIFYING everything, so my version is pretty easy.

I omitted the increases at the shoulders because I didn’t want the poofy sleeves, I omitted the decorative stitching on the body, and I’m starting 2×2 ribbing just below the bust. And I LOVE IT!!!

Also, I had a bit of shopping frenzy at JoAnn yesterday. I’m telling myself I can’t buy ANY MORE FABRIC until I use this all up (or, most of it) but at 30% off, some of this stuff was just too good to pass up.

(For those of you who don’t live near a JoAnn megastore, here is a link to the Retro Owls fabric, and here is the super cute turquoise birds & flowers fabric. Swoon.) (I can probably dig up the others if you want those, too.)

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Quick and dirty reversible banner tutorial

I think it’s funny how inspiration works… A few years ago I made this little banner for myself at a party store.

Then somewhere along the way I saw this birthday banner that Nova made, then I found this tutorial on hand-made birthday banners. Fast forward to last week when I was volunteered to help with the decorations at a friend’s bridal shower/birthday party. I wanted to make a banner in the bride’s wedding colors, and originally I was going to have one side say the bride and groom’s names, and the other side say “Happy Birthday,” but I wanted it to be versatile and reusable. So I came up with the multi-purpose, reversible Happy Birthday/Congratulations banner. (Well, I’m sure I didn’t invent it, but it sure felt like I did when I thought of the idea!)

It was REALLY fun to work on a project without a road map, but in case you want some pointers (to save you some time), I’ll give you some.

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I’ve been working on this super secret project for the last few days….
Sneak peek

When I finish I’m hoping to crank out some progress on my Modified Mary Jane….
Almost to the ribbingT is camping dredging this weekend and while I miss him terribly, I’m kind of loving all this time I can unabashedly devote to my dorky crafting. (Not that I don’t have all day everyday to do it, but I just feel less guilty about it indulging in it on the weekends.)

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Cold brewed coffee

It’s that time of year again… In the summer I always keep a big jar of cold brewed coffee in the fridge for my 2pm iced americanos. The recipe couldn’t be easier, and the results couldn’t be tastier.

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