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I just tried to buy tickets to see David Sedaris in October and THIS was the password on the Ticketmaster site. This reminds me of this time in college that I was doing some telemarketing to pay the bills. I … Continue reading

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Jingle Bell Run (2004)

I recently changed my email from Hotmail to Gmail (and honestly, I’m kinda regretting it…. I don’t like how the emails are grouped by “conversation” in Gmail (but that’s just me)) and so I don’t check my Hotmail as regularly … Continue reading

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not so long ago

last night i was thinking about all the email addresses i’ve had over the years… (, then, and now (i’m nothing if not original, eh?) and all the various iterations of web sites i’ve had. then i started thinking … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

So I’ve been thinking more about why I wanted to start this blog (I really feel the need to justify myself!) and I think it’s because I have such a crappy memory – I want to be able to remember … Continue reading

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