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Summer dinner

Last night we made an authentic Puerto Rican dinner with jerk chicken, tostones (fried plantains), and rice and beans…. And a few too many daiquiris (not sure if those are authentic, but they were damn tasty). I thoroughly enjoyed the … Continue reading

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While giving T a haircut… So how short do you want it? Give me the Britney Spears cut.

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Freakiest bathroom eh-ver

This is the main bathroom is T’s parents’ new house. They recently bought a house in, well, Del Boca Vista, and we’ve been busy helping them move. I won’t go into it here, but let’s just say it hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Choppin’ Broccoli

I bought this kickass little chopper for my domestically inclined friend’s birthday she emailed me and to ask if it chopped broccoli. Because my lady…. she went downtown…. and bought some broccoli…..  Good times.

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I am living a Dilbert cartoon

Yesterday I scheduled a meeting to discuss metrics for an upcoming project. I then found this Dilbert cartoon and sent it out to 2 friends who I’d invited to the meeting. Actually, the one guy’s calendar showed that he would … Continue reading

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7 Random Things

I was going to write up a long blog post about what I did this weekend, but I sat down and couldn’t write anything! Then I saw that TwistedKnitter tagged her readers with a Meme and I decided to do … Continue reading

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Got gauge?

I recently finished a knit for the first time in MONTHS and it was so addicting I decided to go ahead and finish another one! So I dug into my PILE of WIPs (really, I have 7) and finished up … Continue reading

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