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I hate it when he’s right.

I finished my first Kolenyitten tonight, tried it on, modeled it for T, and then he asked, “Isn’t that a little tight?” UM, NO!!!!! Yah, it totally was. I didn’t increase enough after the cuff (purposely! because these mitts run … Continue reading

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Gramma’s Afghan

All this talk about that Hemlock Ring Blanket I made (which, really, is just a monotonous series of yo’s and k2tog’s and ssk’s once you get past the inner flower part) has had me thinking about the cabled afghan that … Continue reading

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The mouse in my pocket

I started a knitting group (I actually call it a “stitch and bitch”) in my little town last summer (with the help of one of my blog readers and Ravelry) and I’ve been kinda quiet about it because I actually … Continue reading

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It’s a wrap!

Literally. I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket for my Gramma in December. Not quite in time for Christmas, but since I was pretty lax about the whole holiday in general, I didn’t really sweat it. I got an email from … Continue reading

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True dat

I flew back to Chicago last week for a couple of days, and even though it was a short trip, I was actually proud of myself for not losing anything! (I am notorious for losing stuff on trips! Just ask me … Continue reading

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2008 FOs

I’m honestly a little hesitant to post this mosaic, because I’m so disappointed in the quality of my knitting last year! (Especially when compared to last year!) But I think it’s helpful to look back and see what worked and what … Continue reading

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My matchy matchy Kolenyas

Because of all the snowfall this past Christmas, I postponed my trip back to Chicago and we also postponed our trip over to Sequim (pronounced Sk-wim) to see T’s p’s. So that meant I had nearly 2 weeks of lounging at … Continue reading

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