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An update

I’ve been feeling a bit over-extended, and over-burdened, lately and I completely let my blog fall by the wayside. I pretty much took an internet hiatus there for a while, staying off Ravelry, Flickr, and Facebook. But now I’m back. … Continue reading

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I am psychic.

About babies, at least. Instance #1: Four years ago, my friend called me out of the blue, and I said, “What’s up? Are you prego?” Turns out, that’s the reason she was calling. She’d just found out she was pregnant … Continue reading

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7 Random Things

I was going to write up a long blog post about what I did this weekend, but I sat down and couldn’t write anything! Then I saw that TwistedKnitter tagged her readers with a Meme and I decided to do … Continue reading

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Bringin’ it back

I finally got my nose re-pierced this weekend for the third (and hopefully last) time. I originally got it pierced in the summer of 2002, but for one reason or another I’ve had to go back and get it repierced … Continue reading

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Work meme

I recently wrote an “About Me” page for this blog, and it was surprisingly hard to write. I don’t know why, but it took me a few weeks to finally get something down that I liked. I just didn’t know … Continue reading

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