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True dat

I flew back to Chicago last week for a couple of days, and even though it was a short trip, I was actually proud of myself for not losing anything! (I am notorious for losing stuff on trips! Just ask me … Continue reading

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I didn’t think I could do it.

I have now officially been at work for 24 hours straight (with only a 20-minute lunch to take care of some personal stuff yesterday), getting ready to launch the project I’ve been working on for the past year and a … Continue reading

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Who do I look like?

Oh, this is too good. The other day, Staci posted her celebrity look-alikes, and I encouraged her readers to do the same. For YEARS now I’ve gotten tons of random comments from total strangers telling me that I look like … Continue reading

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For T

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A conversation with a coworker earlier today: Coworker: ..Well, at least Boeing’s doing well. Maybe all the Microsofties can go work there. Me: Boeing’s doing well? When did that happen? CW: You didn’t hear? Don’t you watch the news? Me: … Continue reading

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Travel delays + knitting mishaps = Sucky day

This is how my yesterday went…… But first I have to back up to the day before. On Thursday I was on the phone with my travel agency trying to book an earlier flight home for Friday and they then told … Continue reading

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I am living a Dilbert cartoon

Yesterday I scheduled a meeting to discuss metrics for an upcoming project. I then found this Dilbert cartoon and sent it out to 2 friends who I’d invited to the meeting. Actually, the one guy’s calendar showed that he would … Continue reading

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