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We went to Yosemite with my mom and her husband recently. Apparently April and May is THE TIME to go to Yosemite because the waterfalls are still gushing – hard. We had checked the weather the week prior and it … Continue reading

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Road shrimp!

(Before I go any further, please know that the title of this post won’t make any sense until you see the “Road Trip” clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Good Job. It is sporadically available on the internet. Go … Continue reading

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We took this in a random bookstore photobooth yesterday after our last company picnic. I kinda can’t wait to be funemployed with this guy.

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Camping at Cedar Springs, Part II

As promised, here are photos of our spelunking adventures! (Granted the whole trek only took about 5 minutes, but it was still fun to check out and the hike out to the cave was lovely.) Aaaaaaaand there you have it! … Continue reading

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Camping at Cedar Springs, Part I

We took off last Friday and went camping last weekend. I realized once we got to the camp site that I hadn’t been camping in over a year. It seems like we used to go a half a dozen times … Continue reading

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My dad has a thing for photos of clouds, so whenever we see a particulalry cool cloud formation, I’ll go out and snap a few pics and post them to Flickr for him to see. Here are a few of … Continue reading

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I realized a bit too late that the azalea on our front deck was in full bloom this past week. Last night after a few “drinkie poos” I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few shots in the waning … Continue reading

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